Sociologie Podcast: Kentucky Fried Castle


Sarah Cee and Hollie Bohorquez are two friends who bonded over their love of TV shows and decided to produce a podcast about Vanderpump Rules. Unlike other podcasts, Vanderpump Rules Party goes deep. They’ve relentlessly covered the entire Vanderpump crew. From interviewing Scheana, Jeremy Madix, Faith Stowers, and Brittany’s ex-boyfriend. To renting Scheana’s ex’s Big Bear cabin and staying at the Kentucky Castle on the eve of the big Jax & Brittany wedding.

They were the ones to initially hear that Katie and Tom’s televised wedding wasn’t legally binding. Somehow they also acquired a transcript of the infamous recording from Season 6, Episode 6. Resulting in some light twitter banter with another podcast over repeated references without credit.

I talk to them about their experience at the Kentucky Castle, how they almost burnt out on Vanderpump Rules, and which cast member they’d love to interview next.