Sociologie Podcast: My Little Tomato


I confront Nora about her dislike of the entire Brassica family of vegetables including broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, cauliflower. We also answer the age-old question of where do you put a tea kettle full of pee?

Prediction Dateline Late 2020: Caroline Calloway presents her OnlyFans and Twitter as an art performance piece investigating the relationship between fame, haters, and the male gaze. See also Amalia Ulman.

I have Nora explain OK Boomer Girl to me and her adjacent simps. We talk about Caroline Calloway. I go into the parallels of Caroline and Gawker favorite Julia Allison

Reviewing r/relationships posts

  1. I [30M] found my girlfriend’s [29F] spreadsheet tracking our entire relationship

  2. My (23M) fiancee (23F) won't let me upstairs in our semi-newly purchased home and I'm starting to get really suspicious

  3. Thinking about leaving my girlfriend overnight without saying anything. Not sure what to do.

We reminisce about early Warped Tours. I talk about my encounter with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer putting himself on a time-out in a truck bed.

  1. BF paid to see his Ex’s OnlyFans

  2. My boyfriend called me “little tomato” during sex and it ruined our relationship