Sociologie Podcast: Surreal Dates


We’re talking about surreal dates, ones that start one way and end in a way you don’t expect.

Taylor is a proto-influencer and early dating blogger who went on a mission in the year 2000 to go 700 dates after a bad breakup. Along the way, she met her husband on date 705. One of her weirder dates was with a sweaty bicyclist who decided to do some microeconomics when the dinner check arrived. We also talk about weird Hollywood producers and being embarrassed by your twenties.

Marlene had just moved to LA when she went on a Tinder date in late 2016 in Silverlake. She had a lovely time having drinks on their date, but he kept looking at his phone. He then asked could they had to go to a private birthday party for his friends? Then he laid some emotional time bombs on the Uber ride to the karaoke bar for a birthday party attended by Katy Perry, Marlene’s lifelong crush, and her date’s girlfriend.